We Are Foundry 360.

Content marketing and more for your brand’s owned & operated channels.

Business Objectives

We have proven success answering our clients' marketing objectives.

Foundry 360 is highly experienced at crafting the right approach based on target audiences, market dynamics, brand positioning and business goals. Our proprietary methodology is customized to your needs and includes:

  • Competitive Analysis
  • Social Listening
  • Persona Development
  • Right to Voice
  • Content Pillars
  • Editorial/Channel Planning
  • Organizational and Technical Architecture
  • Measurement, Analytics, and ROI

73% of people prefer to get information about an organization through content over other standard marketing methods.

66% of consumers engage with content from a brand they are interested in. Foundry 360’s retention efforts include podcasts, video, direct mail, email and CRM, among other channels and formats.

Thought leadership helps buyers form new ideas about your brand and company. Foundry 360 creates 200+ assets of thought leadership content per year.

82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading branded content. Foundry 360 has successfully modernized over 100 brands.

60% of people are inspired to seek out a product after reading content about it. Foundry 360 has a proven record of purchase conversion.

We develop customized strategies, driven by content, that drive to your specific business goals. And relying on a “Brand as Publisher” methodology, we produce and publish content to serve your consumers’ needs, shift and shape perceptions, and drive business outcomes.

WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?


A sample listing of the services we offer to help your content strategies succeed.

Storytelling is in Meredith’s DNA, and Foundry 360 applies the same editorial and journalistic pedigree to your business. We know how to engage, inform, entertain, educate and drive behavior through customer-centric storytelling. We put the audience first, by finding the intersections between their interests and passions and your business needs.

With access to Meredith’s robust proprietary insights into the minds of consumers, Foundry 360 can assist you in developing full marketing and content strategy for your company or brand. From complete overhauls to existing content strategies to imaginative and transformative consulting services, we drive strategic thinking that puts organizations on a path toward success.

Our award-winning team creates custom videos leveraging the breadth of Meredith’s capabilities, including industry-leading research and insights, rich content resources, and access to top creative and production talent. We create video strategies that drive to clients’ core brand objectives and KPIs for distribution across any platform.

Foundry 360 houses a state-of-the-art animation studio that brings a fresh approach to your video-based content strategies and solutions, delivering inspiring and creative solutions to all mediums.

Deploy a content-specific strategy to power your CRM and email campaigns that drives real results from either your audience or the Meredith consumer database.

Every brand needs to have a voice strategy and a robust test-and-learn plan. From podcasts to search, the future of content strategies involve voice, and we craft voice-skill strategies tied to content-led campaigns. Don’t leave Alexa, Google Home or Siri out of your plans—it’s how your customers find information.

Power your owned and operated channels with content curated from Meredith’s trusted brands. From recipes and articles to videos and guided meditations, licensed content is quick to deploy and a cost-effective way to scale-up an experience. Learn more about Meredith Content Licensing.

Social is a mirror into the pulse of culture. Our passion, curiosity and expertise can help drive your presence in this ever-evolving channel, as we specialize in building social-first content strategies for our partners.

Utilize Foundry 360’s strategy, design, editorial, and UX teams along with a network of subject matter experts to create a best-in-class digital experience that engages audiences.

We can help drive product purchase at specific retailers with an array of proven tactics. Distribution options include magazine polybag programs within Meredith’s trusted brands, direct mail and email, in-store tactics, and venues.

A turnkey recipe discovery experience that seamlessly integrates into your digital platform, giving your audience the ability to make searching for the perfect recipe as easy as pie. Or pot roast.

Put your brand in the hands of your target. We distribute your materials in a variety of trusted environments, engaging consumers and driving conversations. We have access to more than 300,000 health care providers, influencing more than 25 million patients per month with content.

With access to Meredith’s nine test kitchens, we craft customized, branded recipes that prove invaluable to consumers and business alike. Then, we can seamlessly photograph, shoot video and create cross-channel experiences to promote your new recipes that drive business results.

We still believe the mailbox delivers results, and work with many brands to develop smart DM programs. We have direct access to Meredith consumers and can help brands reach this powerful buying group or look for other audience segments that meet your brand’s needs.

WHAT CAN Foundry 360 DO FOR YOU?

Industry Experience

Our deep vertically-oriented expertise means we can hit the ground running for you.

Our long-standing partnerships with clients like Synchrony and Bank of America continue to produce strategic, award-winning content across multiple channels and formats.

We distill the latest science to create informative, engaging and actionable content in a consumer-friendly, approachable style. Working with brands like Pfizer, AstraZeneca, and Allergan, Foundry 360 has experience you can trust.

Covering consumer goods ranging from staples to luxury items, we create branded content that drives consumers to the path-to-purchase both in-store and online.

From supporting OEMs and dealers, to car launches and service programs, Foundry 360 has you covered. We’ve been creating content for our partners in the auto industry for more than 15 years.

Foundry 360 works with some of the nation’s top retailers, driving product purchase with an array of proven tactics. We can also target consumers living within a radius of select store locations, drilling down to your core consumer with the right messaging.

As the parent and baby experts, Foundry 360 reaches 95% of the U.S. birth market. We can help you communicate your brand’s messaging to expectant and new parents at a key life stage, during which brand consideration and trial are at their peak.